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"In YOUTH MODE, you are infinite."



hi joyce, i went to a dance party last night on a crazy sweed’s giant rooftop. she had so much booze and her boyfriend is afraid of her. she throws good parties because it is not just americans. it’s all of europe. or parts of it. they wear fancier shoes. at least those parts. i was wearing flip-flops and a spiffy collar-shirt, linen pants and plad underwear. i went back to change into the collared shirt because i knew the europeans would be present. the party went well, i chased a german girl around. she liked me just enough. and then just as the old muslim man gets himself a loudspeaker, and no concern whatsoever for any constructive feedback, started his best impression of a wounded animal calling us to prayer (i wish my imam were a good singer, that would be a good way to pick out location here) just then, we went to a restaurant to eat drunk food and i spilled chwarma grease all over my linen pants while i attacked that fucking chwarma like i was a crazy fuck eating a dog on the side of the road, i don’t know what got into me, and i am pretty sure, i can’t be sure exactly, the world can such a mystery, that is when she decided that we weren’t going to my place to make-out, even tho i lived just right around the corner, i mean right around the corner, right there. and then i woke up feeling terribly hungover, sure, but very international.”